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"Check-in Procedure"


The check-in procedure should follow the standard method of tuning the frequency accurately and waiting for the SCO to make a call for check-ins. Do NOT break the net with your call and announce “Check In”. Wait for a net callup. Listen for the type of call-up being made. Fixed stations should NOT check in when the SCO calls for “Mobiles Only”, All stations, fixed or mobile, are invited to check in during a general call-up for “Any Check-ins”. Stations should check in using their call sign only one time in an orderly fashion spreading the calls out to allow the SCO to take a list. Please be patient, especially when MIDCARS is busy. Everyone will get the opportunity to make their contacts. Unless you have an emergency, don’t call over the top of the SCO or others. It will only give you a reputation with your peers you don’t want to have. Listen first. Ask for a relay if needed. Do not use the word CONTACT to jump to the top of the list. It only creates confusion for everybody concerned and is inconsiderate of others waiting for their turn. Stations will be called in the order they were heard but mobiles will be given priority if they identify as such when calling in. Stations may stay on frequency to exchange greetings with others for a minute or two but should move off frequency if the exchange will take longer so that others can check in. Save the chit-chat for slower periods.
Use the word CONTACT only when you have DEFINITELY heard the station you want to contact check in. Try to avoid doubling if at all possible. Let the SCO keep things in order and call for relays if needed. Move your station off frequency once you have made contact and try to have a clear frequency already picked out for continuing your QSO. If moving frequency remember that East Cars is at 7255 and South Cars is on 7251 and are often on at the same time as we are. You may have better luck finding a clear spot by moving UP in frequency ...at least 4KHz to avoid interfering with MidCars. When returning to the Service after finding a clear frequency, simply say RECHECK and the SCO will let you quickly pick up your station.


Only use standard phonetics when checking in. They are more readily
recognized than cute novel ones.

Do let the SCO know if you are mobile when check in.

Don’t interrupt the net to say, “Hi” to stations checking in.

Do say “Contact” if you wish immediate contact with a person you heard on frequency.

Don’t use the word “CONTACT” simply to jump to the head of the line of check-ins or to ask for a signal report.

Do “Check Out” if you have LISTED traffic and need to leave the service early.

Don’t make long transmissions when saying hello to others on the service when it’s busy. DO take them off frequency to chat so others can check in.


"CONTACT" means you have definitely heard a specific station check-in that you wish to talk with. The SCO will try to recognize you quickly before your station leaves the frequency Because “Contact” calls are given priority, it must never be used to simply check into the net, request signal reports, or to ask if a station is on frequency. Wait for a net call-up for those reasons.

"RELAY" should be used if you hear a station repeatedly calling in that is not being heard by the SCO. You may be asked to call that station and relay his traffic in to the service.

"RECHECK" should be used when you have gone off to find a clear frequency, and you are returning to get your station. "RECHECK" should be used when you have gone off to find a clear frequency, and you are returning to get your station.

"CHECK OUT" is only necessary when you have LISTED TRAFFIC and wish to inform the SCO to no longer look for that station.